About Jackson Furniture

In 1933, W. Ray Jackson founded Jackson Furniture in the midst of the Great Depression. We opened our doors the day the banks closed theirs. Since then our family has continued to create furniture, right here in the USA. We have seen decades of American prosperity, challenge, war and mind-blowing advancements in science and technology. Our family had never forgotten the way our company and country began, with perseverance, hope, and hard work.

Throughout all of those decades of change, one thing remains constant: Families love to relax together. in a room filled with comfortable furniture. That is where we have been, and will always be... from being huddled around a radio to being kicked back in front of a giant flat screen.

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I Need Repairs

If your furniture is in need of repair, please see the dealer from whom you purchased your furniture. If the dealer has gone out of business, please include your style number, and contact us by mail at:

Customer Service
Jackson Furniture Industries
P.O. Box 1359
Cleveland, TN 37364

What Is My Order Status?

All inquiries about pending orders should be taken up with the dealer you purchased your product through. They will have the most up-to-date information available on your product and/or order status to you.

I've Moved and Need Service

If you have moved or you no longer have the ability to contact the retailer you purchased your furniture from, please mail us at the address linked under "I Need Repairs"